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  1. Works of Allama Iqbal

(A) Works in Prose

Bedil in the Light of Bergson, ed. and annotated by Dr. Tehsin Firaqi, Lahore, 1988.The Development of Metaphysics in Persia (a contribution to the history of Muslim philosophy), London, 1908. Reprinted Lahore, 1954, 1959, 1964.

Ilm al-Iqtisad, Lahore, 1903. Rep. Karachi, 1962.

Six Lectures on the Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, Lahore, 1930. 2nd edn., with revision at about six places and quite a few proof-reading corrections and changes, and more importantly with the addition of Lecture: ‘Is Religion Possible?’ and an Index, published under the title: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, London, 1934. Reprinted Lahore, 1944, many later edns. Reprinted Delhi, 1974. French trans. by de Eva Meyerovitch: Reconstruire la pensa e religieuse de l’Islam, Paris, 1955. Arabic trans. by ‘Abbas Mahmad: Tajdad al-Tafkar al-Dan fi’l-Islam, Cairo, 1955. Urdu trans. by Sayyid Nadhar Niyaza: Tashkal-i Jadad Ilahayat-i Islamayah, Lahore, 1958. Persian trans. by Ahmad Aram, Ihya-i Fikr-i Din dar Islam, Tehran, 1967. Also translated at least in five more languages.

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, ed. and annotated by M. Saeed Sheikh, Lahore, 1986, reprinted Lahore, 1989; Spanish trans. by Jose Esteban Calderon: La Reconstruction del Pensamiento Religioso en el Islam, Lahore 1989; Stray Reflections, A Note-Book of Allama Iqbal (1910), ed. by Javid Iqbal, Lahore, 1961.

Tarakh-i Tasawwuf (1916), ed. by Sabir Kalurva, Lahore, 1985.

(B) Major Poetical Works (With English Translation)

Asrar-i Khuda trans. by R. A. Nicholson: The Secrets of the Self, London, 1920; rev. edn., Lahore, 1940, many later edns.

Bal-i Jibral (1935), trans. of the earlier two Parts (16 + 61 Ghazals) by Syed Akbar Ali Shah: Gabriel’s Wing, Islamabad, 1979; trans. of six quatrains and of twenty-three poems from the last part (as also of some poems from other works) by V. G. Kiernan: Poems from Iqbal, London, 1955 (Part II).

Javad Namah (1932), trans. by Shaikh Mahmud Ahmad: The Pilgrimage of Eternity, Lahore, 1961, 1977; also by Arthur J. Arberry: Javid-Nama, London, 1966; trans. of the concluding section: Khitab ba Javad by B. A. Dar: Address to Javid, Karachi, 1971.

Payam-i Mashriq (1923), trans. by M. Hadi Hussain: A Message from the East, Lahore, 1977.

Rumaz-i Bekhuda, trans. by Arthur H. Arberry: The Mysteries of Selflessness, London, 1953.

Zabar-i ‘Ajam (1927), trans. by Arthur J. Arberry: Persian Psalms, Lahore, 1948; trans. of the all too important mathnawa Gulshan-i Raz-i Jadad (New Garden of Mystery) as well as Bandaga Namah (Book of Servitude), the closing parts of this work, by Bashir Ahmad Dar, Lahore, 1964; also by M. Hadi Hussain: The New Rose Garden of Mystery and the Book of Slaves, Lahore, 1969.

Complete poetical works in Persian and Urdu published in 2 vols. Kulliyat-i Iqbal: Farisa & Kulliyat-i Iqbal: Urdu, Lahore, 1973.

(C) Addresses, Articles, Letters, etc.

(i) Compilations in English

Discourses of Iqbal, ed. by Shahid Hussain Razzaqi, Lahore, 1979.

Iqbal by Atiya Begum, Bombay, 1947.

Letters and Writings of Iqbal, ed. by B. A. Dar, Karachi, 1967.

Letters of Iqbal, ed. by Bashir Ahmad Dar, Lahore, 1978.

Letters of Iqbal to Jinnah, with a Foreword by (Quaid-i-Azam) M. A. Jinnah, Lahore, 1942.

Mementos of Iqbal, compiled by Rahim Bakhsh Shaheen, Lahore, n.d.

Speeches, Writings and Statements of Iqbal ed. by Latif Ahmad Sherwani (3rd rev. and enlarged edn.), Lahore, 1977.

Thoughts and Reflections of Iqbal, ed. by Syed Abdul Vahid, Lahore, 1964.

(ii) Major Compilations in Urdu

Anwar-i Iqbal, ed. by Bashir Ahmad Dar, Karachi, 1967.

Guftar-i Iqbal, ed. by M. Rafaq Afaal, Lahore, 1969.

Iqbalnamah (Majma’ah-i Makatab-i Iqbal), ed. by Shaikh ‘Ata Ullah, 2 Parts, Lahore, 1945, 1951.

Khutat-i Iqbal, ed. and annotated by Rafa’-ud-Dan Hashima, Lahore, 1976.

Maqalat-i Iqbal, ed. by Sayyid ‘Abdul Vahid Mu’ana, Lahore, 1963.

Rah-i Makatab-i Iqbal, ed. by M. ‘Abdullah Quraisha, Lahore, 1977 (a useful compendium of 1233 letters arranged chronologically).



(A) Works

‘Abd al-Qadir, ‘Ala Hasan, Nazarah ‘ammah fi Tarakh al-Fiqh al-Islama, Cairo, 1942.

‘Abd al-Quddas Gangoha, Lata’if-i Quddasa, ed. by Shaikh Rukn al-Dan, Delhi, 1311 A. H.

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