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Chapter 3: The Basis of the Opinions of the Khawarij


The underlying root of Khawarijism is formed from the following four things:

  1. They regarded ‘Ali, `Uthman, Mu’awiyah, the fighters at the battle of Jamal and those who accepted arbitration all as infidels, except those who voted for arbitration but afterwards repented.
  2. They regarded as infidels those who did not believe in the heresy of ‘Ali, `Uthman and the others mentioned in (a).
  3. Faith was not for them only sincere belief, but putting the commands into action and desisting from the prohibitions was also part of faith. Faith was a compound thing made up of belief and action.
  4. There was an unconditional necessity to revolt against an unjust governor or leader. They believed that “bidding to good” and “forbidding evil” are not conditional on anything and that in all circumstances this divine command must be carried out.

According to these opinions, these people started their existence from the recognition that all men on earth were infidels, whose blood was of no value and who were all condemned to the Fire.

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